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    Default Pure Fun

    With all the talk about high performance guns these days, I thought this experience was worth passing along:

    Yesterday I needed to sight in a rifle for shooting at longer ranges than the muzzleloader I've been carrying for deer the last few weeks. Conditions are tough right now, and the only deer I've seen have been further off than I've been willing to shoot with the charcoal burner.

    So when packing for a range trip I put a scoped 7 mag and a scoped 257 Roberts in the truck, and at the last minute added a peep-sighted Savage 99 in 250 and a standard sited- Model 94 in 25-35. I'm a 25 caliber nut, and hadn't shot the last two in a while.

    The 257 and 7 delivered as usual, allowing me to stretch the range to 300 yards and beyond if needed. Once they were sighted in, I went through 80 rounds in the 250 and 100 rounds in the 25-35.

    Much as I had planned to really stretch my range, I came home replanning the hunt to allow me to use the 25-35 (shots to around 125 yards) or the 250 (shots to around 200 yards). Yeah, I've increased my reach over the 75 yards or so I'll shoot a muzzleloader, but I just can't bring myself to go hog wild for range and leave behind the 94 or the 99.

    That's a nod to plain old fun rather than efficiency and power. The guns are way more fun to carry and shoot, and the heck with "better" rifles.

    While chasing long range capabilities and power, have you lost track of some old favorite guns and calibers in the corner of your closet? If you want to put the fun back in your range sessions and hunts, drag out those old "inefficient" models and shoot them a while. I'm willing to bet that you too will replan your hunts to match their capabilities just so you can carry and enjoy them again.

    "Efficiency" and "power" are good words on paper, but chasing them can make you forget a whole bunch of other guns that are really fun to shoot and hunt with. Choosing a 25-35 over a 7 mag? Efficiency freaks will think I'm nuts, but I think I'm crazy like a fox.

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    Arrow oldies

    Your a man after my own heart I really love my old marlins and continue to use them every year they still kill as good as they used to and are alot more fun and at my age fun is the name of the game..Good for you my friend.... Ronnie

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    Default ain't nuts!

    BrownBear, you ain't nuts... just came full circle! Also throw in the 35 Win, 33 Win, 348 Win, 30-40, 38-55, 32-40, 40-70SS, 38-40, 44-40. Brass lasts forever, burns relatively small quantities of powder, likes cast or swaged bullets, barrels last practically forever, puts fun and challenge into reloading and range shooting and puts the hunt back in the hunt. Welcome back

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    I still enjoy my .30/06 alot more than my .300WM, just a proven rifle forever.
    The emphasis is on accuracy, not power!

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    I think I lost that Savage 99 in 250 today. My wife decided to hunt this morning and chose to carry it while I carried the 25-35. Great hunt, and on the way home I asked if she wanted to shoot the Savage to get reaquainted.

    We had some half gallon plastic jugs in the truck for the recycling bin, and I filled 6 with water and put them out at 75 yards in a quarry. She loaded the magazine (six rounds) and proceeded to blow up the six bottles in as many shots offhand, just about as fast as she could cycle action. She finished off the box on the remains of the jugs, then proceeded to blow up rocks out to 100+ yards with a second box of shells. Man, I really wouldn't want to be a deer when she's packing that little gun!

    Me? I didn't even try shooting once I saw how she was doing!

    Guess what caliber I'll be loading tonight? And yes, she needs the shells right away, cuzz she's anxious to get out and score a deer with "her" rifle.

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    I've got 500 rds of .250 Savage to reload for the grand-kids model 99's. They can sure go through the ammo. I love that!

    I've both the .257 ROBERTS and the Imp, love both rifles and never felt under gunned with either.

    I have yet to see anything new in the last 15 years that I thought was worth giving space to.

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    Here here. There's a lot to be said for the intangibles that we try so hard to define and defy but always end up contradicting in public and proving when no one is looking.
    Science has a rich history of proving itself wrong.

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    28" barrel Mosin Nagant. Would like one sporterized and one in wood. I Shoot my cousins often and will be picking one up for myself soon! It is just fun, love the iron sights and keep shocking myself when I his stuff at rediculous distances with it. Not bad for 50 bucks and uber cheap steel case ammo.

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    Wink Crazyman Eh??

    BrownBear, I think the same thing many times. I"ve shot, owned all kinds of guns, and still have quite a few. But with a Winchester 94, or Marlin 30-30, 35, and a 12 , or 20 gauge pump, there is not much you can"t do! I always remember a family friend who killed a huge bull moose with his 32 Winchester special. These guns feel good in your hands, only way I know of to describe them! Bill
    ; for them that honour me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed. 1 SAMUEL 2;30

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    Change of plans for this morning's hunt. I'm leaving the 25-35 home and taking my 1886 in 38-56. Sure feels big and heavy after carrying the little 94, but with its tapered octagon barrel the 86 points really well and is surprisingly quick. Original tang peep on this one, so it's surprisingly accurate at longish ranges.

    And yes, the 250 Savage has officially turned into my wife's gun. I'd have had her shoot it a long time ago if I had known how much it would restore her love of deer hunting. Heck I'd give her most of the guns in the racks if that's what it took to stir up this kind of enthusiasm!

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    Default Wife's choice on guns...

    I've tried to introduce the wife to a few new rounds occasionally, she's worked her way up to the .270 Winchester. Too much gun, she claims, and keeps reaching for something that doesn't knock her around as the 6.5 Swede that I built awhile back. I darned near lost a pre-64 Model 70 Featherweight .243 one afternoon letting her shoot it. I could see that gleam in her eye, like a lightbulb had come on, and before she could say a single word, I uncased the Swede, and handed it to her with a comment like 'ya gotta get this sighted in if you're gonna use it this year"...
    I REALLY screwed up one day when I went down to one of the local gunshops, and found a sporterized Winchester M1 carbine. I really didn't have, at the moment, the money to spare for the thing, but I plopped the $200 bucks on the counter and took it home, trying to hatch a story that'd fly....I fell back on the ol' "look what I found ya, Sweetie Pie, Hunny Bunch!" Except that she immediately field stripped it, looked it over, reassembled it, pronounced it adequate, and put it into HER closet!!!!!
    In their day, every one of the rounds that's been mentioned were a 'step up' from something before it. Well, except maybe for the .25-35, and it WAS more hunting round than the .25-20. Hot Rods for their day, they were, just some of them aren't as flexible as we'd sometimes like. You CAN shoot field mice with a .38-55, but if you were counting on feeding yourself with 'em, it'll end up being a mighty thin soup! Good luck on your hunt!


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