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    Default need to go shoot

    i haven't fired my new witness .45 acp yet. would like to know where could i go to enjoy an afternoon of shooting? palmer, wasilla i don't care. i bought it it soldotna last month when i lived over there. i asked a gun shop in wasilla, but forgot what he told me. been pretty busy with the moving thing.

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    Mat Su Valley Sportsman Indoor Range is on the Glenn Hwy past the Gravel Pit they should be open today

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    thanks, i know i could have looked in a ph. book. if the price is too much, then i'll find some place in the boonies.

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    You're not that far from the Birchwood range either. It's back toward Anchorage a bit.

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    if you dont like ranges much (i dont) you could try near the old missle silos that are on the end of knick goosebay road. drive all the way out there until you get to the airstrip,turn around, then get back on Knik and take the first left until you get to the clearing near the pond. you will probably want a truck if you are gonna go.


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