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Thread: What happened up at Hatcher Pass?

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    Default What happened up at Hatcher Pass?

    I was up at Hatcher Pass on Sunday - Palmer side. I was actually hunting for ptarmigan (didn't get any), but there were a lot of people skiing up near the top of the pass. My friends and I crested a ridge and got a bird's eye view of some vehicles making their way up with sirens blaring. We made our way back to the truck and saw an ambulance go by, also with sirens wailing, and later a helicopter that looked like it was on its way in to the group of skiers parked a little below the top of the pass. Anybody know what happened? Is everyone alright? I didn't see anything in the news.

    Not to sound terribly insensitive given the paragraph above, but, how was the skiing?


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    skiings been good, mainly on the north side.

    I'm not sure about the accident.

    6 inches up at Glen alps, which is good enough for touring.

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    Do you have an estimation of how much snow there is in Hatcher, funhog?

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    Last Sunday the fire deparment was heading up to the pass with lights on. I'm curious to know what happened. In the very early morning I was the only vehicle making tracks in the snow not far past Deception Creek, on the way back it was slicker than snot. There was a kid that almost hit me, head on, when I was heading back to the Parks because he completely cut the corner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian M View Post
    Do you have an estimation of how much snow there is in Hatcher, funhog?
    6 inches at the mine, they groomed this last weekend, for the skate folks

    Deep enough to ski april bowl but I am not sure how much.

    I have to get some touring in to get my legs in shape for the downhill stuff. getting old bites the big one LOL.

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    What happened??? Heck, it's skiing; what more explanation do you want? I think this year I'm going to pay someone a thousand bucks to beat my quads with a 2x4 until I can barely walk; it'll simulate the skiing experience and save me some time, LOL.

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    Default Car Wreck

    I think someone got in a bad car wreck up near the top of the pass. It was pretty scary on that road that weekend.


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