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    Drew East Afognak Elk - either sex. Can anyone recommend a good air taxi for Afognak/Kodiak.


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    Do yourself a favor... Call Rolan - Sea Hawk air...

    Top notch!

    If at all possible schedule an hour or so of scout time... Will be the difference.

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    Thanks for the advice.

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    I agree with WinMag, call Seahawk Air. I've flown with them three times, twice to Zachar Bay on Kodiak and once to Afognak for elk. Be prepared for a tough hunt, at least that was my experience. A buddy and I drew a party permit a few years back and hunted out of Katoi Bay. We hunted 10 days and killed 2 elk, I also took a very nice blacktail buck while we were there, saw lots of deer. We finally located the elk on day 8 of the hunt. Most of our area was non-motorized but there are lots of logging roads. We hunted on mountain bikes. Hey, if you want some excitement, try carrying a 70 pound pack and your rifle on a mountain bike. Yeeha, the down hill sections of road are a real hoot!! Dang near broke my nose a couple times! Anyway, congrats and have fun but keep an eye on the bears - they are huge on Afognak.


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