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Thread: Anybody know Mark Confer

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    Default Anybody know Mark Confer

    Hi Guys,
    I have a member trying to track down a Mark Confer. Apparently he guided this out of state member and he can't find him anymore.

    Any hints?


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    hey Paige,

    Sure it's not conifer?

    Hows things? Give Loel a hey for me!


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    I am pretty sure of the spelling, heard he might be up your way. I think his dad had a moose hunting book out.

    Things are going well, I will tell Loel you said hi.

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    Paige, his dad is Dennis Conifer then, he book is "Hunt Alaska Now".

    I can find the guide info for ya, I cant remember the website url off hand.

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    did a quick search and I came up with this

    Confer, Mark

    2509 Kilkenny Cir

    Anchorage, AK 99504-3255

    (907) 338-3099

    NOt sure if thats the same person you'relooking for....there is a Dennis with the same address.


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