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    Had problems last year with my snow machine helmet full face visor fogging up. Shot a moose off the Rex and when we left it was -22 and my visor lasted about 12 miles before it was partially fogged beyond a quick fix. After 35+ miles it was useless. Brought goggles with me for trip out, which were fine minus the minor frost burn where I did not have complete protection with the goggles. Anyhow I had a Skidoo some time back with the defrost system, which worked very well. I figure I could get them at Eagle River Polaris, AMD, or other places but I wanted to compare some possible on line sources before I went into the local places and checked them out. Does anyone have a recomendation and possible a url or some place that sells them? A little googling and I was not able to come up with any thing other than a few good places to buy helments.


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    You might try asking the same question on the forums at

    I had one for a while and it worked well for maybe 1 or 2 trips out. I ride a little too hard and it didn't handle me falling off the sled very well. I kept breaking the power cord even though it had a "quick" disconnect RCA plug.

    I just stick with the motocross style helmet and goggles (duct tape the exposed skin or use a really good baclava (sp?)).

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    I have used a regular snowmobile helmet minus the face shield. I use goggles with a no fog mask. I have ridden in temps down to about -30F with this set-up and no frostbite on my face.

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    Most full face snowmachine helmet brands will have a heated visor option for their helmets. Some even sell models with heated visors installed. What brand and model helmet do you have? Most dealers that carry aftermarket parts should have access to heated visors for a wide range of brands.


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