Has anybody ever tried the Savage Sharpshooter triggers?
How do they compare to Timney. They are reckoned to be better than the Savage Accutrigger.

I have decided to make up a dedicated sheep rifle.

I have a 300 Winchester Mag xtr from 1971 with a 4X leupold pre-gold ring that weighs about 9 lbs but shoots 2 inch groups at 200 yards with either federal Factory Fusion 180grs or Fed HiShock 180 grs.(Measure that I think is appropriate for a sheep rifle) It was rolled in a three wheeler accident by my father in the late 1970's and barrel was bent. He took it to Great Northern Guns in Anchorage and had "Red" fix it up. Red trued the barrel blueprinted the action, changed the magazine capacity, changed the trigger to a Timney and fitted it to a Bell and Carlson Medalist Carbelite stock with an additional recoil lug and then bedded it. This gun stays on no matter what. It carries five( im not kidding 5 cartridges in mag and 1 in pipe. This is the gun that I have hunted with all over. It does its job if I do mine. However, I have shot probably 1600-2000 shots through it during the last 28 years that I have hunted with it. It became my gun when I was 10 years old. I believe that it used to be more accurate and it is, in my belief slowly dying of an eroded throat. I could keep on using it but I have been thinking about a dedicated hicountry rifle.

I bought a Stevens 200 in 270 Winchester for my son who is 14 years old last year. They had them on sale for $250 at SW.
Button rifled, pillar-bedded gray eraser stock. Bolt is weird but cycles quickly. They point better than 95% of factory guns out there and are light as well. It may be the ugliest gun ever created but it also provides a level of social utility not found in other guns.

I mounted a 4X M8 compact Leupy on it and it grouped about 2.5 inches at 200 yards with 130 grain federal hishock. I adjusted the trigger from 6lbs to 4 lbs and crisp and sanded down the checkering and plastic lines. He can shoot it well and took it moose hunting this year. The Stevens weighs right at 7 lbs 2 oz with Weaver bases, rings, scope, sling and is extremely handy.

They are on sale again(259) and I decided to go ahead and get another one in 7rem mag. I have decided to order two sharpshooter triggers and Farrel bases and Burris Optilock Rings for it and will probably mount up a Sightron SII3X9X42.

I looked at the Tikkas, Weatherbys, Remingtons, Brownings, Rugers.
They didn't have any Tikkas or Weatherbys in 7 mm Rem. They had many Wizzums. Tikkas might fill the bill but they have crept up in price. Apro.$640.
No Weatherbys. I wanted a SubMOA Vanguard in 7 Rem but they didn't have any. Prices are about $800.
I have noticed that the new Remingtons seem not to be as nice as they once were. I think that they have declining quality control standards and almost beg to have gunsmith fixem up. 700 SPS tend to rattle. I have also seen RUMs with ruptured cases near the rims. I guess they have army contracts and will continue to be the action of choice for every gunsmith under the sun but I wanted more of a package if I am going to pay what they want for them.
Brownings were more expensive. The ones I handled seemed to be butt heavy. I liked the Ti but if I had that cash I would go with Weatherby Ultralight instead.

The Rugers are better now than they used to be. However, I see so many for sale for cheap in the paper and have heard about accuracy problems. The DGR Magnum rifles are works of art and I would buy a ruger if the actions were as smooth as them. But the smaller ones aren't as smooth in my view.

The Stevens is Fugly, but I figure that I can get a lot of glass for the stock work and the trigger job and I will still have a very light rifle.

7 Rem Mag is not as popular as it used to be. Ammo is more expensive than 06 but it has range out with high bc in bullets to 400 yards and can bust a Brownie in the brush with 175 gr NP. Lighter bullets fly hard and far.

I guess this is much ado about nothing,
But what are your opinions on this?