Well my long awaited montague trip was kinda of blah.. Nice weather though.

Deer hunting was pretty bleak. The first hour of the first morning, I was trudging through a field/swamp looking for an opening to a hillside and jumped a little buck. He stood perfectly broadside probably 50 yards away, and the ol muzzleloader put him down. I thought man what a great way to start the hunt! and the deer must be thick!

Well, that was a fluke. That evening, the rear sight of my gun fell off. I rigged up a peep sight out of a tube and some aquaseal. The next day, while the glue was still drying I got a doe with my super redhawk 454 casull.

I saw about 5 deer really high up and 2 miles away. They were not reachable that day. Saw a couple down in the bottom. I tried videotaping my buddy going after those. He was using a bow, and they had us pegged at about 80 yards and bolted. Then after only 10 minutes of video, my extended life super battery fizzered out. The next day, my digital camera went on the fritz.

My other buddy never saw a deer besides the one I shot on the first day. He was walking with me when that happened.

In 8 days of hunting we probably saw about 20 deer between 3 guys. I got 2 and 1 buddy with the bow got one, a small button buck. Mostly does and fawns. and some unidentifiables way in the back of the valley. Everytime we would hike way up, and far back, we would see nothing, Not much for sign around either. almost all the deer were within a mile of the cabin, in the bottoms or on the beach. And the beach deer were pretty nocturnal.

This was in san juan bay. Did see lots and lots of brownie sign, got about 2 minutes of video of a small one.

I went there in 05 and it was alot better. If you just got up and wandered around, youd have a deer down by 10 am.