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Thread: towing a 10 wide boat from WA to AK

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    Default towing a 10 wide boat from WA to AK

    Any one tow a 10' wide boat through canada? what permits would I need in canada? the boat is a bayliner 2556. Any one have any problems? Do you need a passport yet or not untill the first of the year.

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    If your boat is over 8'6" to 10' wide, you'll need an oversize permit for Canada, and you'll have to attach red flags at the widest outboard part of your load. Traveling at night there requires marker lights. If you boat is over 10' you'll also need "Wide Load" signs.

    Call or e-mail ahead to your border crossing and let them know you'll be coming through. They can answer your questions. They will usually send you to the nearest weigh scale to get the permit, or suggest you do it by mail before you leave.

    As far as I know, when you're traveling by land, you don't need a passport until sometime during summer of 2008 (yet to be determined).

    Isn't a Bayliner 2556 under 10'?

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    I think their 9'6" wide, I wonder how much the permit would be?

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    Default Alaska

    If it is over 8'6" wide in Alaska, you must have a permit. You can get your permit at the Tok weigh station or call (907) 365-1200 before hand. Running without a permit when required is a $400.00 citation in Alaska.
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