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Thread: What happened at the Hay Flats?

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    Default What happened at the Hay Flats?

    This is my first season duck hunting here in alaska. When I started about the second week of September, there were birds every where, Today we saw about 5 flying, and yesterday was pretty slow too. Is this normal, or are we still shooting local birds and the northern birds haven't made it down yet?

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    im new to the area having moved over from soldotna. everywhere you hunt in the beginning are mostly local birds but after a few days they get smart especially the returning ducks that made it through last winter. they will seek out new places once the war breaks out. from what i've known living in alaska is you have to be out there at the right time when they are moving through. Which i think would be 7 days a week to really see what's going on but when we work, we can't do that. Hopefully someone will give a report from further up north.

    This last week it feels like it's been colder and today Sunday, it's still cold at 4pm. I say any day and we will start seeing strings in the sky. I haven't been out hunting yet. My vet said I shouldn't take my dog out because her cancer mass could rupture so life is different these days. This week i hope to drive out to see if there are any birds on the move. If i see any, i must might keep her close to me so she could at least get out and do what she loves best.

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    When you see swans in mass you can be sure there are northen birds moving though. As they have for the last two weeks . Now with the water getting hard the ducks will be harder to find but I will asure you they are there. you just have to work and go a little farther and harder. I've been doing this long enough to know!


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