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Thread: Off roading Delta Moose hunt

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    Default Off roading Delta Moose hunt

    Yep the subject title should say it all.I had a friend ask me If Id accompany him on his cow hunt in Delta.Anyways,we left NP at 6am from McDonalds and by the time we got past Johnson Road on that 1st sharp hairpin turn there truck and trailer did a 180 and in the ditch we went.I swear I thought we where gonna roll since we had two wheelers on the trailer and one in the bed of the truck,its a good thing the ditch was not deep.
    We did blow a tire off the bead and we safe.On the way back to NP I counted 3 vehicles in the ditch and one that rolled over and was 40 foot fro the road.
    I hope ya'll faired better than we did and that ya'll make it home safe.Daniel

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    I came really, really close to going off the road and right into Summit Lake north of Paxson on the way home from Delta. Yikes! Needless to say, I was driving a bit more slowly and with 4wd engaged after that.


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