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    Question Canning moose

    We are going to can some moose meat. Do you use quart or pint jars and what is the time frame for each in a pressure cooker. Right now the plan is to brown the 1 inch cubed meat in the frying pan and can it with salt, pepper and onions. So far the info I have found said 90 minutes for quart jars and 75 minutes for pints at 15 lbs. for either one.

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    Default sounds good

    That sounds about right. I generally don't can moose, but I do a lot of bear meat. I use quart jars, 15 lbs., a little over an hour. Works great. I put a little salt in mine, but nothing else. Makes awesome bear stew after that meat has been sitting in the jars marinating in its own juices. My wife uses it for taquitos sometimes, too.

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    If you want to add a lot of great flavor to your can meat, may I suggest to you that you buy a bottle of Kitchen Bouquet and add that to your skillet for browning the meat.

    Over the years I've found this to be the best product to add a depth of flavor to meat, makes the best gravy. Careful, you can get hooked!


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