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Thread: Caribou drop camp for 2008 or 2009

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    Default Caribou drop camp for 2008 or 2009

    I've been researching caribou hunting for next fall or the one after that. It seems like the Leaf River and George River herds in Canada are getting alot of attention these days. I've looked at a lot of outfits that work this area and it seems to me that they run a revolving door type operation - lots of folks in camp each week with only a few camps producing at any single point in time.
    This causes the outfits to put allot of pressure on hunters to shoot so they can move another hunter into that camp. Long story short it sounds like allot of money to spend on a hunt with lots of pressure and limited success.
    That's got me looking at an Alaskan fly in drop camp type hunt.
    It seems like the buzz today is around the Kotzebue Caribou herd. Would a fly in hunt in this area provide a quality hunting experience?
    Can anyone recommend a reputable air service for such a hunt? I would like to be in an area that offered a good opportunity for a trophy but hunting Alaska has always been a dream of mine so I'll enjoy the adventure of the hunt regardless of the outcome.
    If you were from the lower 48 and were looking for a quality caribou hunting experience what would you do?
    Thanks for any comments!

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    Default Deltana rocks!

    I would highly recommend looking at Deltana Outfitters. First class operation and they operate in a remote location with little other competition. Went with them this year and shot two caribou each in two days. Was an awesome experience. They do a pretty reasonable drop camp. If you want more info, shoot me a pm.


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    Thanks, Buglem. I'll look them up!

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    Default Call Alaska Bush Sports

    Had a time of my life, check out post I put on another forum.,m=1191481876

    Mike runs a great service, 1-907-209-0119.

    The both operate out of happy valley, very beautiful and remote.


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    Default drop hunt

    i am also looking for drop camp for caribou 2008 where can a nonresident find caribou i know the western part of state is open looking for something closer to anchorage fairbanks area

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    Well, the Anchorage Fairbanks area is not really an area considering they are 400 miles apart and the herds you would hunt are not the same. Out of Anchorage you would normally hunt the Mulchatna herd. This herd has been declining over the past few years and success depends on a quality air service and doing you homework with the biologist and others that have hunted the area. If you go, call Trail Ridge at Lake Hood. 907 248-0838. Fairbanks, the only time I hunted from there was with Wright Air Service. I don't have their number but someone else will plus other recommendations, I'm sure.


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