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Thread: Tundra Winshield bag

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    Default Tundra Winshield bag

    Looking for a windshield bag for a 96 Tundra II, havent had any luck. Anyone have anything like this.

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    Default looking

    Been looking myself without any luck. Once place you might search around it They guys over there are knowledgeable and its skidoos only.

    The expensive way is to have Apoclypse Design make you one. They can make anything if you just ask.

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    If you're not in any great hurry, I could probably put something together for you. But, due to building my cabin, and having all my stuff in storage, it'd be awhile before I could help you.

    I'm a former military parachute rigger and have the equipment to fab up all kinds of cool stuff from cordura.



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