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Thread: How often do you change string

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    Default How often do you change string

    How do you guys decide it is time to change the string on your compound? When retuning is required, string length, poundage changes, every so many shots, every so much time?

    Thanks for the replies.

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    Well for me, I just look at the string and watch the wear. Depending on how much you shoot and how abusive you are and what kind of material it is a string can last quite awhile. It's much easier if in question to change it after the seasons over, then to go through the winter, and end up changing right before your next season starts. Giving you time to let it settle in, shoot it and retune. If you keep good measurements and a good log book or some notes, retuning shouldnt be all that difficult.

    I would however recommend even if you get a new buy another one as backup. That way you dont have to wait for one to be ordered or made. I would also buy the hand held bow press so you can do it yourself if you have too. If not, still get the string as you can always bring it and have them put it on in a much shorter time frame!

    Being I shoot trad it's easy for me to change strings, and building strings isn't that much harder. So I have a ton of strings at hand, made or string material ready to be made.

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    I like to change mine out about 6 weeks before moose season starts (end of black bear baiting season) & carry the one I take off as a pre-stretched spare (providing it's in goos ahape. It usually is). That way the new one is stretched & ready to go when moose season starts.
    One string a year barring unusual events.
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    String stretch and make it a pain to get your bow back into place. We have a 5 gallon bucket filled with concrete and an eyebolt. Any time we get a new string, the bucket gets hung from a heavy beam (with an eyebolt in it too) supported by the string. It takes about a week but it is prestretched when its put on the bow.

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