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Thread: Does Alaska have a trapping supplier online and with a catalog? Ak Range doesneither

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    Default Does Alaska have a trapping supplier online and with a catalog? Ak Range doesneither

    Ok, i having to order stuff from different supply companies...i have not found a trapping supplier in Ak that has a website to order from as well as a catalog...

    Ak Range in wasilla has neither...

    the guys in Nome want $30 for a conibear and don't have the website or I ain't doing that one...

    i can 330 conibears from New York and get it here for like $20 bucks each, postage included....heck, Verns did that one for me...he is just limited on some stuff....but a good supplier...

    so, hope you can help...i'd like to keep my money here in Ak...sportsmans is cool on the trap prices, but, is limted in the specialized stuff i need!...

    Scotty in the AK bush

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    Default Trapperman?

    Scotty have you joined yet?

    Check out minnesota trapline products, best company i have ever used.

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    Default is a great forum site ALOT OF INFO!

    here is a great one for kids
    kids talking to kids about trapping and adults helping out - These guys are a class act
    they provide traps for kids that can't afford alot of stuff (they just ask that it gets passed along), offer contests for kids to win gift certificates to trapping supply catalogs ( my son just won a $20 one) and donated trapping supplies. They loan traps to kids until they lose interest or can aquire their own. The forum is for kids to learn about trapping and all the adults that join help answer questions as much as they can. These guys get so happy posting first catch pics and are hungry for info. I know fisherman222, you would have alot of info for some of 'em. I have seen your handi-work on another website also. Just figured I'd add that. I need to go add that to the young guys post on here about being new to trapping. I think it was fullcurl's son.


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