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Thread: The Kenektok

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    Default The Kenektok

    Can anyone recommend fishing lodges on the Kenektok River and some fly fishing patterns to use.

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    Try Alaska West if you want to target the Kanektok. Just google them and if you dig around on their site they have a trip planning document that list gear and flies.

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    Fly patterns vary by time of year and what you are fishing for, I generally carry 4 boxes:

    Salmon Box: Bright gaudy flashy things (sparkel shrimp, flash flies, franks fly, polar shrimp, bunny flies, string leaches etc.) and some low water steelhead flies (dean river lanterns, rusty rats, bosses, comets, etc) and a couple dozen purple ESLs

    Streamer Box: Half Wolly Buggers, half classic streamers (spruce flies, blue smolt, thunder creeks, zonkers, matukas, small clousers, fish like poppers)

    Nymph Box: Nymphs sized from 6 to 18 (prince nymphs, copper johns, PT nymphs, GRHEs, Big stoneflies etc.)

    Dry Box: A mouse or two (depends on where I'm going) stimulators from 6-14, elk hair caddis from 10-18, humpies, wolfs, other high floating upwings sizes 10-18, a couple midges/ griffiths gnats sizes 18-22

    Seasonally I add a egg and flesh box (starting late july) and move some dies into my nymph box so I have to carry less if I'm fishing saltwater I carry a clouser box.

    if your planning a trip up here I'd reccomend taking the same approach, if you fly fish down south I'm sure you have nymphs and dries already, bring them
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