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Thread: First well.... second bow :)

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    Default First well.... second bow :)

    Went to sportsmans today and got my first bow besides the one i messed around with for a week when i was 7. Its a basic learning 50 inch fiberglass longbow. Took some shots from 30 ft with it, did better than I wouldve thought, im hooked............ Boy most of those bows are $$$$$$$$$.... Ill settle for the 30 dollar longbow for now :P

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    By the way .... 27 Inch pull, and a small 25 pound draw weight

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    Shot for about 1 hour today from 30 feet again, already doing better

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    It is addictive Fishwacker!!!!
    There is just something about watching the flight of the arrow......
    Vance in AK.

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