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    Has anyone ever hunted Deer in December? From what I understand it would be a meat hunt as the antlers have already dropped and they're hanging out down low on the beach. Is that true? Anyone ever done it?

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    Default December Deer

    I hunted Kodiak in Dec 03. There was already a bunch of snow, and we saw far more deer on the beaches than we saw up high, but we did see some up high. One buck I shot (small fork) had secure antlers, I could drag him even after he tumbled a bit. The better buck had two antlers when I shot him, and none when he stopped rolling. But we recovered both, and they were reattached for a beautiful mount - a nice 6-point. You should probably go down there with the mindset of a meat hunt, then be pleasantly surprised if you get a good buck with solid antlers. Or go earlier if the trophy value is important. Don't know if PWS would be similar, no experience there.


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    Not very much daylight and the weather can be nasty. But if you have the means to get to the deer it's a good way to go.


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