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    Thumbs up Burris Customer Service A+

    I lost a Burris scope dust cover at the range the other day. Bonehead move I know. I emailed Burris Scopes to inquire about replacement cover. I received a response from the the customer service department in under 5 minutes. The response was "I'll mail them tomorrow. Thank you,
    Burris Company

    No request for payment.
    I received a package from Burris a week later. I opened the package expecting 1 dust cover. To my surprise, I found 4. It's seldom I find this type of support from a company. That type of value in a customer base goes a long way for me in future purchases.

    Just had to share.

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    I couldnt agree more about Burris. Called them last year with a question about what type of scope mount to use for a Black Diamond I was putting on a 50 BMG Armalite. I had some conflicting info (from another source) about the proper torque required on the bolts. I had a guy spend 20 minutes on the phone describing to me what needed to be done. All this was after the sale. They didnt benefit directly from this. Just nice people selling a great product. I would recommend there riflescopes to anyone. The Burris "Forever" warranty is best in the industry also. Heard from many people who had sent back scopes 5 - 10 years old and had a brand new model mailed back to them the following week. Unusual to say the very least.

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    I loaned my brother-in-law my 338 with a Burris Signature 4-16 with posilok on it. I forgot to tell him about the posilok and he screwed up the scope by trying to adjust the reticle without loosening the posilok. I sent it in to Burris with a letter stating that it was my fault and I was willing to pay for repairs. I told them I wanted that particular scope back because it has the light collector feature on it and I wanted that feature. (they have dropped that from their line) They fixed it and didn't charge me a dime.

    That's above and beyond when you freely admit you were the cause of the damage.


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