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Thread: small outboard issue

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    Default small outboard issue

    Hi guys, a few months ago, I started a thread about a fuel issue I was having with my older 6 hp Evinrude. I think the problem is the fuel pump. Does anyone know how I can get a picture or a schematic of how it gets installed as it seems it consists of a number of gaskets, diaphragms.

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    Default You didn't say how old...

    .... but try this link for a 1995 model. Or look for yourself on that site.〈=E&dealerlocator=no

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    Thanks Sayak, my motor is about a 1984 model. I did get on the BRP site and pulled up the fuel pump. It doesn't exactly show the order of the diaphragm sections, but I'll keep looking. Thanks for your help again.


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