I just came back from hunting caribou on the Haul Road. The most UNRELIABLE piece of equipment was no doubt my Leupold RX II range finder. Held absolutely still, I could usually range big rocks, trucks, and stop signs at close distances.

Along the way back from a super long and unsuccessful stalk on a caribou, I tried ranging my full size, 4 door, long bed truck with topper. I started at about the 800-1000 yard point, but who knows I was using an RX II. Finally at 286 yards I got a reading from the range finder.

I did range a few caribou, but never any closer than 120 yards and never without using both hands as a steady hold. I was really expecting to reach into my pocket (one handed) click on the bou and get feedback as they would close the distance. That's what I did last year with a borrowed Nikon 440. Anyone here with similar results with Leupold?