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    Default unit 13 bear

    I am headed down to the denali hwy for bear this weekend, any weather or bear reports around butte lake, or any where around the area? Thanks for any help/advice.

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    Check with the folks at McClaren as they always know of a pesky critter somewhere or will be real friendly about getting you off in the right direction.

    Let me also say thanks......I sometimes feel like that our camp group is the only one's out there taking them down. We have taken 3 breeders and 4 boars in the last 5 years. None taken this year......

    Keep an ear out for the 'Bou hunters to find the gut piles. There will still be a bunch of stragglers hunting out that way till snow flies. Last wear your Bino's out. Check the hillsides close and often.

    Good Luck and be prepared for the bad weather.

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