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    I thought i would share the funniest and worst duck hunting day i've had in 11 years...Drove to Cotton wood creek parking lot and walked about 1/2 mile back on the "right" split off the bridge. Set up pretty much on the 4-wheeler trail But, I figured most 4-wheelers would go past me toward the inlet, or all ready be past me. It was about 6:15 a.m on sat morning. My friend and I started hearing more four wheelers. Three 4-wheelers with terrible drivers on them got to within 100 yards of us before they traded getting stuck. Then they would jump off and push each other on through, only to get stuck again. Funniest thing i've ever seen, but it was now 7:15 and three honda 4-wheelers were right in my spread. One guy even stops and says "oh there are hunters here". I guess he didn't see my mojo 6 feet in the air that was turned on. anyways now it's about 745 and they have made it another 50 yards past me. about 800 am they were 100 yards away. they decided suddenly they should come back where they came from. so..... about 900 they made it back to where i was and went only 50 yards past. They finally shut their wheelers off, I looked to see what they were doing, and they had merely pulled into the bushes and were now hunting off them. The morning flight was over, we were now surrounded by 5 groups of men that had walked in during this excellent off roading display, all within 50 yards of us, none of which had decoys at all. I decided we count this as "a lesson" of public hunting in alaska. We decided to pick up decoys and count our losses. during the walk out, in which we had to walk by these guys huntin off the wheelers a lone mallard was flying. The guys started yelling at us, and pointing at the sky..... I turned and said " well maybe if you guys would of gotten up and out here earlier we could of taken some". i'm not mad, it was to funny for me to be...but if i was running late. I'd just stay in bed. Thinking about it now, it was the most disrespectful display of sportsmanship by three hunters that were twice my age and should know better, they didn't only ruin our hunt, but everyone else out there within a mile radius.

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    ah! the memory will never be forgotton of that great day hunting Of course entertainment is always well appreciated,but its always nice to put meat on the table too! Daniel (been there done that)


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