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Thread: Skidoo Skandic Expedition TUV vs SUV

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    Default Skidoo Skandic Expedition TUV vs SUV

    Hey All,

    I have searched through a bunch of different boards and websites and haven't been able to find too much about the TUV in the 4 stroke 800 engine. I know that there is info on the SUV here on the board so I am more concerned about the TUV. It will be my first machine though I have ridden a bunch before. I want the sled to haul stuff with, pull firewood, go hunting and ride a bit for fun.

    I am interested in the four stroke for fuel economy purposes. The dealer said that I would probably see about 20mpg vs 11mpg (for a 550f) This translates into a lot of savings over the long term in fuel and oil that I wouldn't burn. I would have to change oil and other fluids periodically but I don't think that It would be as expensive as gas. Plus two stroke machines are loud... a four stroke would be better for hunting I think.

    I am a bit concerned about the cold weather starting of the machine. How cold could it be before I would need to be concerned about the machine not starting in the morning. I know that they have plug in heaters that you can get for them.

    What are the pro's and cons of the 550f and the 600. I hear that the 600 has more power and gets better fuel millage than the 550f. What about the 600 overheating?

    The other option beside a SUV would be a SWT in a 4 stroke, but I hear they ride like a tank.


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    Depends a lot on where you ride. I have two Skandics and a 550F MXZ and we take the gasline trail to our cabin frequently when there is a pretty hard packed trail. Our liquid-cooled friends are always stopping to shovel snow because they're overheating. We've never had to stop for it.


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    The original TUV had the 1000cc 4 stroke in it. A bunch of guys at Lake Louise have these and they reported them starting at 20 below but not 25. The good thing is they have engine heaters on them and generators at their cabins. The TUV 800 motor is much simpler and is supposed to start at even colder temps. I have no first hand proof of this yet but there is one SWT 800 out here and he has not had a starting problem yet.

    As far as the machine, I have the TUV with the 600 SDI motor. Only once have I had heat issues, but now I run ice scratchers when there is minimal snow or icy trail. The nice thing about the 800 4 stroke is it has a fan on a radiator under the hood. Now that it is set up like a 4 wheeler I wouldn't expect any heat issue at all.


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