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Thread: looking to hunt palmer wasilla

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    Default looking to hunt palmer wasilla

    if anyone should be looking for a duck huntin partner with experience, i'm new to palmer wasilla as of a few days ago and am still trying to get a place to stay which most likely will be Monday on a great place. I'm 50, and belong to DU and delta, have a 11 female lab that has cancer that I would like to have some good shoots over her before we head to calif for 2 months in dec /jan duck season. I'll be happy to buy ya the biggest dinner of your choice just for showing me the place.

    i know not many on here would be thrilled to show a newby some places but what goes around comes around and i'm a nice guy as well. Been a boat owner many yrs but sold my duck boat 3 weeks ago before moving over here. I'm able to hunt 24/7 have plenty of deeks and 6 honker floaters. i'm using the hotel computer so i'm not on it much. 398-8157. give a call to Dan, I sure would appreciate and enjoy the time out. the weather has been pretty ducky. not all that cold but the palmer flats sure look like a great place to gather some birds.

    or if someone can tell me where i can drive to and park. then walk about a mile or less to toss out 6 deeks for a days hunt I would appreciate the help. Or, i'll find it all on my own, like i usually do.

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    Give me a call Im sure we can work something out for next week end Oct 5-7 one of them days 357-4506

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    very cool. thanks a lot skybust. i'll give ya a buzz late in the week.


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