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    Can you get a 35 Whelen in stainless, synthetic bolt action out of the factory these days? I've been casually looking for one and have only seen the 700 CDL in walnut, blued steel. I'm not interested in having one custom built at this point. I love the looks of a walnut stock and not so much of synthetic. But I'm looking for utility / function over looks in this gun. That is until I think about it for another month and change my mind, again

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    Default Montana rifle company

    I dont' think they make any stainless whelens but you can get a MRC barreled action and drop it into a synthetic stock for not too much more than most factory rifles.

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    I heard Ruger might??? be doing a 35 Whelen/Hawkeye

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    Default possibility

    I have been told that you can order them from Ruger's custom shop. I don't know first hand, but thats what I have been told. Mine is a Ruger that started life as an '06 and was rebarreled by the guy I bought it from. Killed very nice bull caribou and cow moose with it this year.

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    Default no Ruger custom shop

    I actually called Ruger last week to ask that question and the operator said they didn't have a custom shop. He said the only custom work they do is engraving.


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