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Thread: Black Bear Hunting this week

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    Default Black Bear Hunting this week

    Just returned from an unsuccessful goat hunt on Kodiak, due to being charged by a sow and her cubs and coming into way too much contact with HUGE bears. It just wasn't worth our life. Will write more on that later. We still have one week left to hunt though....where can we go near Anchorage for good black bear hunting. I have a Jeep so rough road access would be great. Don't mind hiking or driving to get some. Would like to make a road trip to Denali and do some bear hunting and fishing on the way. Any one have an suggestions? Would be greatly appreciated as I am new to the area. Also...where is some great grayling fishing this time of year? Thanks!!!

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    If you are going to denali then take a turn onto the denali hwy in cantwell. It is no garuntee but once you are in about 20 miles you should be in prime habitat. Stop at any of the trails and start hiking and glassing.

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    try cresent lake for both bear and grayling...
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