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    Here's a shot of that small ring 98, a Czech VZ33, the predecessor of the German G33-40. Has a 19 1/4 inch .323 barrel, and this one has the absolute nicest bore I've seen on a military 8X57. Stock disc shows that this numbers matching rifle was part of those manufactured around 1935 for bank guards and such, and there's not a single waffenampt anywhere on this one.
    Someone had modified the original bolt handle to accomodate the ancient Weaver 440 scope. I mounted a 6X Lyman All American onto this one. The scope I picked up the same day for $10.00 WITH the rings installed. I DID modify the Redfield base, and the receiver to get rid of the 6-48 screws, and installed 8-40's in their place. Recoil can be a bit sharp in this rifle and don't want things busting and working loose...
    The thing weighs several ounces less than my pre-64 M94 Winchester!!! I think I'll play around with this one for awhile and see how it shoots before I consider making it something else.
    Bargains are still out there!

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    Gotta love it! I'm kinda sentimental, but I'd be tempted to leave it as-is and enjoy it as an example of "customizing" from a bygone era, especially if it's as great a shooter as it promises to be.

    A number of years ago I picked up a 30-40 that, by the details and parts used, I'm guessing was "customized" no later than the early 50's and probably long before. Lots of sentimental value because an old guy I hunted with when I was young had essentially the same setup which he had put together in the 20's. Nothing fancy and it wouldn't shoot a 3" group at 100 yards on a bet, but man, it sure feels good to shoot and hunt with it.


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