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Thread: Anyone have experience with ATEC boats?

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    Default Anyone have experience with ATEC boats?

    I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with ATEC boats or seen them out on the water. I've seen a few used ones but haven't heard much about them.


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    I've had some experience with ATEC and have known the owner for many years. He is not a very good structural engineer and uses substandard welders (often kids who have nothing more than high school shop class education) to put his stuff together. For the most part, his boats are at the bottom end of the custom build scale. He tries to cover up the poor construction by focusing on smooth sanding and fancy paint of the exteriors.

    My most recent encounter with one of his boats was a guy who bought a boat from him and ended up taking it directly to another custom boat builder to redo a significant portion of the interior work that didn't meet his approval - after ATEC refused to fix it. He ended up spending more than the other custom builder would have charged him for a completely custom built boat.

    I would classify ATEC as one of the local outfits who is in it just to make as much money as they can without regard for the end user. Personally, I would never buy anything made by ATEC.

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    I love my ATEC boat. It is awesome!

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    I've been out on an Atec charter several times. It is a very nice high quality boat. Seems to ride through the water very well even in 6' seas. I didn't give it a careful inspection so the welds might be bad, but I was impressed.

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    JOAT, the owner of ATEC (Steve) started out building commercial fishing boats with his dad (Rebo) about 30 years ago. Landing craft are his specialty, but he'll build just about anything an owner wants. Obviously he knows how to engineer and build a boat for Alaska.

    ATEC has provided a service, and jobs to the community as long as I can remember, even through thick and thin times. They wouldn't stay around long in such a small community if they had a bad reputation.

    The reason ATEC smooths off corners and welds is due to their commercial fishing history. Commercial boats can't have anything catching or cutting a gill net as it flies out of the boat. As a sport fisherman, I appreciate the same attention when my line rubs on the side. As far as I know, paint is not standard on ATEC's boats (although most aluminum boats these days are painted with Zolatone, at least on the inside). Paint will cost you extra at ATEC. So it's not used to cover up anything, unless you want it to.

    ATEC's senior welder (Russ) has been with ATEC forever. He welds as pretty as anyone I've seen. They also have other veteran welders and fabricators. Yes, they do have some younger workers too, but what shop doesn't?

    If you're looking for an expensive boat filled with frills and teak, ATEC might not be your thing. They build reasonably-priced boats for Alaska. The key to any "custom-built" boat is to know exactly what you want. A boat builder can't read your mind. Work with the builder through the process to make sure you're getting what you want, and accept what you asked and paid for (don't expect a $100K boat for $40K).

    ATEC has always stood behind their products with me, as long as I've owned my boat (and snowmobile trailers), no questions asked. If I had enough money, I'd have another one built.

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    FYI-I bought a new 1660 tunnel from ATEC. The drain holes were the wrong size and there isnt a drain plug that would fit. I took the boat to the builder and told him about the problem. Rather than cutting a couple of inserts to make the ID 1 inch as it should have been, he just blew me off. The other quality issue was the boat was zolotoned. BTU he didnt clear coat it so regardless of how hard you try to keep your boat looking clean and new, you cant. Anytime some kind of oil touches the inside of your boat, it is stained for life. Crappy attention to detail. I wouldnt buy another or recommend this boat to anyone.


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