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Thread: Rut Meat

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    Question Rut Meat

    Just wondering what people do with their meat if they shoot an animal that is deep in rut. I have been told that the meat is a waste, is this true or is there something that can be done with it? Also, how bad of a taste is it?

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    Default Just my thoughts

    If you are talking about caribou==as their rut is fast approaching--then yes, the meat smells bad--actually the animal will smell bad--bad enough that if the wind is in your face as it should be you can smell him--was told that the meat is worthless--that is why we went earlier this year--my thought would be hamburger/sausage--but you better ask around. GL

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    some animals are not bad in the rut and some are. Caribou is one that is bad. Some people will soak in in vinegar in hopes to take the rut taste away. I'm sure there are other ingredients out there that people come up with to get rid of the taste.
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    Default Caribou/Rut

    Been there, done that, never again. It was over 30 years ago. I do not plan on ever shooting a caribou after September 20th again. When they are in the rut they are just plain nasty, gross, foul, horrible, etc.

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    Deer are fine if you have discipline: One hand for the hide and one for the meat or knife. The "hide" hand that touches hair never touches the meat. The smell and mess is on the outside of the animal and not inside. But touch that meat with a hand that's been working on the outside, and you'll hate the results.

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    This what I read, and it explains the odor and taste:
    To test whether a cow is in heat, the bull will drink the urine of the cows. To a certain extent, the Bull's liver will do what it's supposed to do and filter the toxins out of the blood. However, at some point, the liver becomes overloaded and the toxins aren't cleaned out. They remain in the blood stream, which then ends up in the meat. Tasty huh?

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    Default add on

    Wow, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it

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    Default rut meat

    I'll be the first to tell you- I'll eat anything, once. The worst meat I've eaten was male red fox, but St. George Island rut reindeer is the second worst. It was extremely gamey, and I know how to handle game properly. Spicy breakfast sausage and summer sausage, though, were great. Whatever the reason that they get so awful, I don't know, but its not a myth!

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    I'd take a rutting blacktail to one that is eating seaweed 100 times out of 100.


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