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    I've always told myself I would never learn to fly, didn't want to be responsible for my own demise or that of my friends. Well, age has made me rethink that train of thought so I'm wondering what it would take to learn how to fly and eventually learn some bush flying. I have a friend that flies a C-170 and he's always wanting to go fly somewhere so I decided I would tag along with him. He makes it look so easy and it is fun flying around at your own pace, doing your own thing instead of being on a schedule. Or am I dreaming??

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    Well, you ARE dreaming about being on your own are on Mother Nature's. LOL!

    But you should learn to fly anyway

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    It took me two years and about 8k to get my private. I did it for fun at night after work and when my kids didn't have something going on. I have spent a year and a half so far here in AK and don't feel I have learned "bush flying" by any stretch; but the learning process is so fun, that I have decided I that I will never learn "bush flying" so that I always have a reason to go fly somewhere new.
    After I got my license I bought the same type of plane I had been researching and looking for prior to starting training; I wish I had bought the plane from the get go so that some of the learning process cost could have gone to the plane cost. I probably wouldn't have bent the landing gear on my first solo landing in my new plane if I had trained in it. I also had to switch instructors because of my slow pace and the first instructor being a time builder to catch on with an airline.
    I strongly recommend the gliem (?) software for the written stuff and trying to do the written and practical during the same time frame.

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    Kcedar is right Ė buy some inexpensive plane (Champ, 150, Tri-Pacer etc) and learn to fly that way. It will put you miles ahead when it comes to the bottom line. You will also fly way more than just renting. Then donít stop at your PPL _ I am of the opinion that EVERY pilot needs his/her instrument and then an Out Of Control flight intro (5-7 Hours of stalls spins and acro ) Just my $0.02

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    And acrobatic flight instruction will be the most valuable training you'lll ever get.

    The instrument rating is a sure plus, but the basis acrobatic training will leave you comfortable for the rest of your flying days !!!



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