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    I am just wondering why ADF&G doesn't put all registration hunts on-line. I noticed that for a lot of the hunts you have to be in person and sometimes are locked into specific timelines to register. I don't mind having a set period to register but having to be in person is rediculious. If there is going to be an on-line registration portal then put them all on there and be done with it.

    I would like to know why, If I wanted to sign up for an XXXXX registration hunt, that I have to get the registration permit in person. Some of these hunts are way out West and the timeline to register is a month or so prior to the season. That would mean that you would have make a trip to the location to register and then 30 days later turn around to go back and hunt. That would be fine if the distances were reasonable or even doable in an automobile. What about the hunts that you have to register for in person in places like Nome or Bethel or Dillingham or where ever.

    If on-line registration is the ADF&G standard then lets get into the 21st century and standardize this across the board and quit playing the geographic/regional games. My two cents on the situation.

    Any thoughts?

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    I guess if your serious about hunting one of those remote registration hunts you'd make the trip to get the tag and thats what they want, someone who will hunt it. Maybe thats why they do it.

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    Wink face it..

    most of those hunts are really "meat hunts", and managed so the people who live in that area have an advantage.
    personally i have NO problem with that.
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    Default Some

    Some hunts have limits. For instance goats on PWS. If you control the registration at 2-3 locations, when the number of animals to be harvested are taken they can notify people that the hunt is closed.

    If you register from Fairbanks for example, by the time you get to Valdez, the number of animals to be taken may have been reached and the hunt closed before you even start. It happens. Some hunts are closed in only a couple of days from the opening.

    You do not need to register for a hunt the day the registration opens. You can usually register at anytime past the date. Why not register once you get there?

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    Homerdave has it somewhat right. The state is trying to limit the number of animals harvested by limiting the number of folks who get a permit to hunt. Thus the requirement to show up in person between certain dates to get the permit. As dave said, it gives those who actually live in the hunt area an advantage. This only happens when animal numbers are down. So if you see the "in person" requirement, you can bet the hunting for that particular species may not be all that great.
    These are still considered "sport" hunts tho.
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