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Thread: titanium pack frames?

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    I just returned from my 6th straight September in your great state. My buddy killed the biggest bull yet, and I passed on several with the gun to take photos instead. (Check the next issue of Safari magazine for last year's bull). We were somewhere on the Alaska Peninsula

    For a couple years now, I have been searching for a titanium pack frame. I'm not sure they exist, though. I realize one would be very expensive, but I would pay a lot for the right kind if it exists. It needs to be like the Cabela's aluminum frame, with a shelf, removable pack and compression strap for quarters.

    Anyone here ever heard of such a thing?

    Don Mulligan

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    Default Never Seen One--

    But as much as that material is used nowadays in bikes and other sports, and with the number of qualified welders about, I bet you could easily find someone who would custom make one for you if cost truly isn't a limiting factor. Think, a custom made frame and made of Ti--pretty darn cool.

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