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Thread: Any Bou at the Haul

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    Default Any Bou at the Haul

    Just wondered if anyone is seeing any caribou at the Haul Rd, and what the conditions are like right now. I need meat in my freezer!

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    Default Yesterday

    I spoke to a friend who works at pump 2. 14 degrees and they have only seen a very small handful of bou this week. Hope this helps.

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    I just came back yesterday (28th), after hunting for 6 days. The wind is/was terrible. We saw plenty of bou around the Franklin Bluffs area, you know plus or minus 20 miles. Temps were 10-20 degrees in the mornings, warming up to the low 50s. You may need whites until about 11:00 then get back into tan/brown camo. Lots of bulls with lots of cows, too many eyes looking in all directions.

    One BIG warning...the roads south of Coldfoot to Antigun Pass are getting bad. I thought the wind at Finger Mountain would blow over my 7X11 flat bed trailer. I actually felt the wind push the rear of my F250 4X4 across the ice covered road there. At the base of Finger Mt I had to stop, unhitch the trailer, chain up, and pull out some fella in one of those 4wd minivans. He assured me that he was OK and wanted to "just wait out the weather". Can you believe that? Here I come, big truck with chains and a tow strap, and he didn't want a tug. Well, we pulled him out and followed him all the way to the Elliot. Good luck!

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    Default haul rd

    thanks for the info im headed up tues morning hopefully the wind dies down some.


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