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Thread: Unit 13 near Chickaloon

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    Default Unit 13 near Chickaloon

    Headed towards Chickaloon for the weekend. I was hoping to find some grouse and or ptarmigan. Does anyone know if this is a good area? I'm bringing my bow, do i need a side arm for bears? New to that area, thats why i'm going. Just wondering if i need to worry about Bears in that area. Saying that, i know lot's of you are saying " duh, it's Alaska, there are bears everywhere". But i know that some area's are way worse than others. Thanks for your help guys/gals.
    All your success stories i have been reading has me drooling. I have been busy the last 3 weekends with hockey tryouts for the B&G club team I coach, so now I get to go out with that being over.
    Hope to have some good pictures and stories for you guys on monday.

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    I've been told that's a great area, not only for spruce grouse, but also for ruffed grouse.

    Good luck!

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    thanks Mark

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    Are you going to ATV in once you are there, I've heard there is a decent trail system there, my father talks about driving a Jeep North of there in the 60s and having a camp set up there. A lot different back then, once I took him back there and he did not recall much out that way.

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    I will have an ATV. Hopefully the weather is not to bad, and the birds are everyewhere. Any one else going up that way?

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    Weather was great and i found a few birds. Not to many around and trails are sloppy. Camera was dead so no pictures. I managed to get 6 birds with my bow.


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