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Thread: Kenai Lake black bears

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    Default Kenai Lake black bears

    Was wondering if anyone knows of a trail or road that goes up to the base of the Kenai Mountains behind the lake and if it's accessible by vehicle? We're taking the motorhome down for the weekend and i'd like to put the wife on a nice blueberry fed black bear.

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    Snug Harbor Road?
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    Can I drive back there and hunt the mountains from there? Is it ok to park back there as I have never hunted that area before. Thanks.

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    You can drive all the way back to Cooper Lake. The road is pretty good and there are several good spotting locations. I was there several weeks ago and saw two Brownies. Good luck

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    That sounds great, can I get a small 22 foot motorhome back there since thats what i'll be driving?

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    No prob; you won't have any issues with getting your 'home back even as far as the lake. I did nearly get my car stuck back there one year, but that was in November and a completely different situation...


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    Take small boat or large one if you got one and cruise the lake, you will see bears for certain, it is a matter of how you get up to them. It is a great and fairly easy hunt to achieve a decent black bear... Kenai Lake that I am talking about, everytime at Cooper the Brownies are everywhere...... So be prepared for that, especially near the end of the road where your planning on parking, i.e. the trail head..

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    Made it to Cooper Lake and saaw a huge black bear that was feeding on some berries above to large goats. I don't have a boat so I was unable to pursue the bear. We also saw 4 other black bears but to late in the day and they were way up high feeding. If you don't mind sharing the info, where is a good place where I can take the wife so she can get a bear? I've shot several so this is more for her than me, though watching her take her first big game animal would be a thrill for me. Looks like we are headed out again next weekend and are open to any other suggestions for black bear. Thanks for the info so far!


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