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Thread: Square Stern Raised Transom heights?

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    Default Square Stern Raised Transom heights?

    Hello All,

    I have a question for those square stern canoe owners who do NOT use a lift. How much above the gunwales or transom edge is your transom motor mount raised?

    I'm running a 60's vintage 19' Grumman square stern, and I've got a 2006 Yamaha short shaft 8 hp 2 stroke. Right now, I've got the clamp for the motor raised up about 3/4" above the edge of the transom. This allows me to catch the transom clamp pads on the screws on the motor underneath the edge of a sheetmetal lip that my 19' square stern has right at the top of the transom.

    I'm running with a Stingray XRIII Jr. (The new hydrofoil fin that clamps on to the anti-cav plate, rather than requires drilling)

    The problem is that I think that the motor is still too low in the water. I get a fair amount of water that travels up the shaft and splashes around, typically at WOT. Its not as bad as if I was running a long shaft outboard, but still more than I like.

    I'm considering raising it up higher, and wanted to know what others were running.

    I know bodak recently started a fixed raised transom vs. lift thread, but everyone who replied was a lift advocate.


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    The standard for any motor mounted on a baot of a canoe is to have the top horizontal fin just in the water when you are planed out. So the best thing is to mount the motor on the canoe while on a trailer or saw horses and measure the difference between the bottom of the canoe and this fin. Then adjust accordingly. I am sure there is a more technical approach on a boating website that maybe found, but from I know this should work fine.


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