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Thread: Yamaha Outboard Storage....Help

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    I am a bit confused. I have a 2005 30 hp Yamaha outboard. The manual refers to a "flushing in a test tank" and "flushing power unit" (garden hose connector). Is flushing the power unit by way of garden hose connector necessary if one uses the "flushing in a test tank"?

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    I just got a Yamaha this summer, and from the way I read the mannual, it is either one. I flush my kicker in a garbage can, but my 40hp has a hose connector that I hook up to flush it out. It you have the hose connector built in, you don't need to run the motor when flushing--it automatically flushes through the whole motor.

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    Flush it in any fresh water source. Back your boat into the lake or river and do it that way. All that's doing is cleaning out any corrosive saltwater. Then do what you'd normally do on any 2 or 4 stroke.


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