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Thread: 10 or 12 foot canoe?

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    Question 10 or 12 foot canoe?

    I am looking for a short canoe or small boat. There are a few reasons for the short length.
    1. I would like it to fit inside an enclosed trailer.
    2. I would like something lightweight for accessing backcountry areas.

    Does anyone know if there is such a thing?


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    Default Old Town

    Old Town makes a Rolex Pack at just under 12'. Used to weigh about 33 pounds, best paddled with a kayak paddle. I have had mine into Class 3 waters with no problems, knelling. Great solo canoe for short trips. I would not pack a moose into one though, exceeds the capacity. Although I have had my son and myself in mine - about 500 pounds total back then.

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    Default Class 3 in a Old Town pack canoe brings to mind 3

    things, either you don't know how to judge the class of rapids or you are incredibly lucky or you are out of your mind...

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    From what little I know about Dave I'm voting for 2 out of 3

    I'll leave it to you to figure out which 2
    Vance in AK.

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