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Thread: Predator Control Looming

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    Default Predator Control Looming

    e-mail this clown and express your disatisfaction with his wolf control bill!

    Maybe he should clean up his states own air poloution that threatens sevreal down wind states wild life and fauna species and leave the wolves to us.

    There is no way I would ever want to see all the wolves and bears destroyed but when less than 10% of moose and caribou calves surviving in most area's and I'm forced into the local supermarket to buy Califrnia hormone injested animal by product infected beef why shouldn't more Moose and caribou be available for Viewing and eating?

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    Default link

    here is a link to an article about the bill, if anyone was wanting to know
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    message sent, thanks for the address

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    Default CA - It Figures

    Tell the guy he should mind his own business, and if they were still hunting some of those mountain lions in California, maybe the mountin lins would stop attacking and killing bikers and hikers in SoCal.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mdhunter View Post
    Tell the guy he should mind his own business.
    Exactly what I said. Maybe we can come up with some ridiculous bill for California?
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    If only subsistence hunting was the reason for predator control... As predator control goes up permits awarded to those who actually live in the predator control units for moose and caribou go down...

    'Bout time someone listens to the Alaska voters... To bad it had to be outside special intrest groups.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alaskalouie View Post
    e-mail this clown and express your disatisfaction with his wolf control bill!
    Thanks for that email address, Louie. I did it:

    Congressman Miller:

    Well, here we go again, I guess.

    I wonít comment on the looming fun and games you and our beloved Don Young are about to engage in regarding your proposal to put an end to aerial wolf ďhuntingĒ over Alaskan federal lands, but I do have a suggestion for you:

    Perhaps you can simply accept all the live wolves and brown bears the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game can send you fine folks in California? Just think of the Godlike status you would elevate yourself to in the eyes of the animal kooks who support you if you reintroduced brown bears to the Golden State! Why, it would even bring new life to your state flag!

    How can you refuse? Itís win/win/win, isnít it? Alaskans win, the bears/wolves win, and yaíll win, right?

    And finally you wonderfully intelligent folks there in California can show us dumb Alaskans (as well as the rest of the world) how to manage brown bears and wolves. (Sorta like how you manage lions.......feeding them so well with disarmed women and children........Funny, there were no lion attacks reported in your fine state for 77 years, between 1909 and 1986. Ya'll banned lion hunting in 1972, then made it "permanent" in 1992........And, imagine this, there have been 9 attacks since 1992.......Yeah, ya'll sure are smart.....)

    Iím going to suggest this proposal to your old friend Don. Perhaps he can bring it up to all your esteemed colleagues in the House.


    A Happy Former Californian, and Alaskan of 33 years

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    Default Letter

    This was Palin's response to the Congressman that indroduced the bill.

    Gotta love Sarah.

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    Your nuts, Monkey. Alaska's "voters" never voted on pred control. They voted on "hunting". 2 different things.
    Additionally, your grasp of history is poor. Only around half of eligible voters actually register. Less than halk those registered acvtually vote. A noticeably SMALL number of voters actuaslly voted AGAINST using aircraft in those past 2 elections. No point in telling the truth tho.........when it doesn't serve your purpose.
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