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Thread: Question on Missing Montana Hunter A Couple Weeks Back

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    Default Question on Missing Montana Hunter A Couple Weeks Back

    I missed out on hunting Alaska this year due to job change, but was up visiting my Mom and sisters in early September. Just before I left, there was a story in the Anchorage paper about a Montana hunter who was on a drop caribou hunt (with either Wright Air or Golden Eagle, can't remember which), whose extraction was delayed due to high winds. Rather than sit tight like he should have done, he left a note at the pickup point, along with camp supplies and caribou meat, that he was walking out to Pogo Mine (paper said about 20-25 miles hike). Any updates on whether he was found or made it out to Pogo?

    I think his pickup may have only been dealyed by a day, sure wish he'd have stuck around and waited.


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    Default Found him

    Yep, they found him alive. I think he got way off course on the way to the mine. SAR didn't find him, but he flagged down a private pilot who picked him up. Whatever happened to "stay right where you are...and somebody will pick you up".?

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    Default Should have Stayed Put....

    Glad to hear they found him, but a lot of SAR funds down the drain that didn't need to be expended.....staying put usually makes it easiest to locate you, and especially when you have shelter and food, it's a big risk to head out overland.



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