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Thread: Where do I go to avoid crowds??

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    Default Where do I go to avoid crowds??

    I have been rainbow fishing alot lately, mainly from sportman's landing down to Jim's. This is my first summer here so I don't really know where else to go. That section of river is getting really crowded (especially on the weekends). Can someone please recommend somewhere else to go? I have a 14 foot raft or I don't mind hiking or riding a four wheeler in. Thanks, PM me if you don't want to put your spots out to everybody.

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    drive up the parks there are dozens of creeks that go throung and this time of the year most of the salmon streams should be quiet. I like the willow there are a number of places to get to it on the willow side of hatchers pass road. I havn't fished it in years but there was a time when I pulled some pretty big rainbows out of there. You could also drive the other way towards turnagain and see what the creeks to the south have to offer once you get around the arm. Just some thoughts

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    If you want to get away from people and have good fishing, take a fly out. It is just the way of the roadside fisheries, if the fishing is good, there will always be people. And it seems that there are more and more people fishing for rainbows & dollies theses days.

    Now I am not saying that you can't get away from people, but it is really hard. Your best chance is try to go during the week. I used to work rotational schedule and loved being able to fish during the week. The number of anglers is always less.

    But pick up the Roadsied angler or other AK fishing books and do a little research. If the river gets a salmon run, there will probably be some rainbows around (some exeptions).

    Good luck.

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    try the russian, walk a bit
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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