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    Has anyone hunted the Healy-Lignite Management Area, more specifically the RM764 bowhunting only hunt? I talked to the Game Guy in Fairbanks last week, and he said there were some private property issues he had to clarify, and to get back to him when I got back into town, which I will do tomorrow. Are there any access options that can mitigate the private property issues? How is the hunting in there? I will also post in the Bowhunting Forum. Thanks.

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    Been there done that...the gate is locked and access is limited. I planned a 4 day hunt but turned around the same day. The place was barron of moose, i was very disappointed.

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    Just curious, how did you know it was barren of Moose if you turned around and left?

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    let me rephrase...hiked all over; spotted the evening and looked at several old trails without fresh tracks/sign.

    hit it hard for the day but headed home that night, didn't stay for the hunt like planned.

    Sorry for the confusion

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    there's usually a bunch of bulls in the area during the rut, so there cows should be there as well. Look for rut groups and a person should be able to find a cow. The place is not baron of moose.

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    I've been in there twice this year and it's been pretty dead. No sightings and haven't cut a track that's even a month old. Seen the same in some other areas that usually hold better numbers of moose. You would think the turning of the weather would get them moving into these areas though, so I still have hope.


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