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    Default predator hunting

    I was wanting to do some predator hunting this winter. I was browsing through the regs and couldnt find much on it. Does anyone know where in the reg book predator hunting is covered. I am going to look it up myself but I was also wondering if electronic calls are legal in Alaska or not. Thanks for any info.

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    the trapping regs are helpful, so are the small game regs. I think e calls are legal, many here use them. Your best bet going over to fish and game and asking, they are always very helpful.
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    Page 15 of the Regs...

    "Using a pit, fire, artificial light, laser sight, electronically-enhanced night vision scope, radio communication, cellular or satellite telephones, artificial salt lick, explosive, expanding gas arrow, bomb, smoke, or chemical, EXCEPT

    - Scent lures may be used for ungulates, and for black beas ONLY under a black bear baiting permit
    -Rangefinders and ELECTRIC CALLS may be used.
    -Communications equipment may be used for safety; they may not be used to aid in taking of game.
    -Artificial light may be used only in conjunction with a single, leashed dog tracking and dispatching a wounded big game animal."

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    Anyone ever call in wolves? I know wolves are where you find them, but where might be a good place to start?

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    Default Wolves

    I ran into a pack on the yukon a few weeks ago. They were eating geese and took down a moose calf during the 5 days we were there. 17 miles up from circle on the river.
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