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Thread: Clear AFS

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    Default Clear AFS

    Hello All

    I'm curious to know if anyone on here is currently stationed at Clear or had been stationed there in the past. I'm considering volunteering to go there and had some questions to any hunters that may have been there.

    Let me know


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    Default Clear

    Not Sure About Anyone That Worked There, But You Are In The Heart Of Good Hunting There.

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    Default Been there!

    I was stationed in anchorage and my wife was at clear for a year.. seems to be pretty good bear baiting and decent moose. I took my atv's up one time to visit her and we road around, saw good moose sign.

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    That area gets hammered by moose hunters as your close to the Rex and Ferry trail systems. There's a little pond on Clear that is suppose to have some huge rainbows in it but i've never fished it myself.

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    Default 2004

    I was stationed there in 2004 and have had alot of buddies up there since. Feel free to PM me with any questions.

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    I was there '98-'99. Was at Eielson before and after that. At Elmendorf now. Clear was a great assignment; lots of hunting and fishing not too far away.

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    Default Well

    Short Story Long Story

    You have many access points from Clear AFS you also have many people. AK45 is correct busy during Moose Season.

    Spring Bear (ample places to get away) without people and good hunting.

    Moose popluation is way down and I do mean way down however the amount of people hunting seems to be the same but with less road hunters. looks like the Cow Tag and or any bull tag over the past couple of years has done its job unfortunately.

    When people use to rotate on a yearly basis the Grouse and Rabbit hunting was exceptional. Now that there no rotation for the most part and more local hunters i.e. per party who stay at Clear who hunt and fish that seems to be down as well although if you work hard at it you can still do ok.

    The Site has a lake and it is stock however over the past several years people have been int he Catch and Keep mode and the larger fish have gone gone gone the way of the flight-less bird. Rainbows from 4-12 inches can be had still again however nothing like in the past 4-26-28 inches to inlcude Char and Bows. Nope Nope not going to find them.

    So all and all one of the best kept secrets in the state for an assignment for hunting and fishing for Air Force Personnel is not what it use to be however is still better the some.


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