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Thread: Browning BAR 300 win mag?

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    Default Browning BAR 300 win mag?

    I'm just curious what the experience is with the Browning BAR in 300 win mag or the 338. Also how does it hold up in AK and what is everybody's experience with qualityand accuracy? I'm also looking at an A-bolt in simular calibers. Any info is very appriciated!
    Thanks again in advance

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    Default Autoloader

    I have used an autoloader in much of Alaska's hunting conditions and have taken sheep, moose, caribou, and 3 bears with it. Benelli R-1 chamber in 300 Win Mag. It requires more attention while in the field, but it will fire 4 shots as fast as I can pull the trigger and stay in the scope. This rifle has very little recoil. Factory trigger is stiff, I had mine worked. I get better than MOA accuracy using Federal Premium 180 grain Barnes Triple Shock bullets.

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    i have used a bar in .338 for 18 years up here and have used it hard. several moose, carabou, sheep, bears and deer. i haven't had any problems yet, knock on wood, and the accuracy is great. i hunt with two other buddys that have had them longer than me and we all use the heck out of them without any probs. i shoot factory loads ( federal premium nosler 250gr. ) so i can't say anything about using reloads. my rifle likes these and everything keeps falling down when i shoot them, so i am happy whith this setup.
    good luck!

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    I handload for 4 of them owned by friends: Two 7 mags, a 300, and a 338. In the past I've also loaded for other individual BAR rifles. No glitches, and the owners of all of them are dedicated fans of the model. Hard to dispute their results without resorting to theory and keyboard ballistics unless you've owned one and had problems yourself. Haven't met anyone in that category yet.

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    Have two BARs in .338 and one in .30-06. I love these rifles, and they hold up just fine when I am out in the wild. I am suprised my BAR doesnt have more scratches and gouges with all the alders I have struggled through, and it shoots MOA with factory ammo. *Federal Power-Shok 225GR Speer and Federal Premium Vital-Shok 225GR TSX* I just make sure to run a bore snake through the rifle, and wipe it down a few times each hunt, and completely dissassmble and clean the internals after a few trips to the range. I have seen these rifles, typically used ones that have not been properly maintained, begin to gum up. But nothing a new spring and some deep cleaning wont fix. I dont think the recoil is nasty, and would easily recomend this rifle in the field. If you look, you can find nice used BAR's for about $600-700.

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    Can you tell me what you load recipie is for your 300 Win Mag BAR?


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    Default .458

    Cy from Cy's Sporting Goods on Kodiak had a BAR chambered in .458 WM


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