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Thread: Walt Maslan..Northwest Alaska Backcountry Rentals is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Talking Walt Maslan..Northwest Alaska Backcountry Rentals is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just got back from my first trip to Kotz. Man what a beautiful place!! We rented our camping equipment from Walt sight unseen except for his web site and what we had heard on this board. When we got to Kotz Walt was waiting at the airport to help us get our stuff( a mountain) over to our bush pilot and was full of information about Kotz and what was happening with the migration. He had all of our camping gear already at the bush pilots place under tarp. He took the time to explain it all to us even though our plane was late and he was almost late for school(work).
    When we came out early on the next Sunday we did not realize that the air cargo offices would be closed. When we found out that we might have to stay overnight in Kotz(at $200/night) to take care of it on Monday I asked Walt if he might be able to help us out. He didn't even balk at it. He just happened to know the NAC cargo manager and asked him how to handle it. We wrapped everything up as recommended and headed for the terminal secure in the knowledge that our savior Walt would take care of it. That he did,even thought there were other problems. We paid him a small amount for his trouble but he went way above and beyond to help out his clients.

    Walt, I can't thank you enough. You are realy the best.

    And the gear...all first rate Cabelas tents, cots, chairs, stove, dishes and all the accessories. Lighters, matches dish washing stuff. One of the tents was brand new. Simply way more than I expected and at what I thought was a very reaonable rate.

    Thanks so much Walt,

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    Default Backcountry rentals

    I agree 100%-----------3 of us rented complete base camp and kitchen from Walt on the 9th-----------Walt met us at the airport, explained the equipment incase we had questions and knew most everyone at the airport. GREAT guy, GREAT service and 100% knowledgeable about the area, guides, transporters and pilots. Hell, he was more informative than our pilots and we had spent 5 times the money with them!
    If you intend on hunting in the Kotz. area, Walt is a MUST know guy. Equipment is first rate and the knowledge is invaluable.

    Thanks again Walt


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    I hunted along with Bruce and must second what he said. Walt is a genuine "Good Guy." With the care and attention he pays to his customers, renting equipment from him is an unbelievable value! I just hope he continues in the business as I sure plan on using him again.

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    Red face Who is this guy?

    Thanks Guys! Itís all about relationships and enjoying your time while youíre up here!

    Northwest Alaska Back Country Rentals
    Your best bet for Rafts, Canoes and Camp rentals
    Kotzebue, Alaska

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    Default Another satisifed customer

    I've got to agree with the other posts! Walt did a great job for us too and his equipment was top notch. Raft, frame, oars, pump, PFDs performed as intended. We floated 110 miles with no worries about equipment failure. Excellent fishing and a couple great caribou made the trip one to remember.

    Thanks Walt!

    Bill & KC
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    Default Posted pics on the hunt pics thread

    Pics on the pics thread.


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