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    Would a Wave Sport Godzilla do me well for a beginners boat in AK?
    I've read it's a great beginners boat and geared for taller folks (6'3").
    Just looking to learn about kayaking and there's one for sale here locally at a great price.


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    Default Godzilla

    This is a great performance play type boat for beginners. It is of course for taller people over say 6 ft 2" or a little more. It can handle people from 160 lbs up to the 240 lbs range. Wave sport makes a good boat and is very competitive in competions etc. the customer service is alot better than in the past. You will be able to enjoy rivers and rapids with this boat, and then be able to paddle it around in the lakes or smaller streams. It has a good flat surface area that makes it very stable. It would not be a great boat for any long distance flat paddling, but for a play boat on moving water,or small lakes or ocean coves etc.
    we have some friends that take this size of boat to PWS and play in the protected coves etc, and fish from them. for the suggested prices, its a great boat for a first play boat for the taller folks.
    When you are ready to move on to a different Kayak, you can resale the Godzilla for around $300 bucks, at least thats the going rate for the used ones in good condition....
    anyway.. go wear it out,, and have fun on the water


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