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    Default Bullet Bargain...

    I have just recently received an order from Graf & Son and had found in a flyer from them a buy on some Sierra bulk bullets. These are 338 225 grain flat base spitzers. The do not normally make them just the 215 grain which ois a boat-tail. These 225 grain will be just the ticket in the 338 WSM or the 338-06 or 338 Hawk where a 250 grain isn't needed. These are not a "premium" bullet just cup and core but would be fine for practice and sight in and of course for caribou, sheep or deer. These middle-of-the-road 338's will perform well with these bullets.

    Now for the best part they are only about $20/100. Apparently that green box is pricey, these come in a plastic bag. They are not in their normal catalog and the number is SRA9900. If you do a lot of load work up for the wildcats as I do a bargain on a midweight bullet is nice to find.

    Graf sometimes will offer a bargain on short runs of bullets from various manufacturers. A while back I got a bunch of 217 grain Swift A-frame bullets in bulk. These of course are not a standard bullet from Swift but were made for Remington to load in their Safari ammo in the 338 WM. They no longer load that one.

    Graf also carries a decent selection of the Cast Performance hard cast bullets for revolvers and some rifle calibers with competitive prices.
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    Default Smoking Deal - Thanks

    I just bought some Hornady 225's at a local store for 20% off and cost $21.59. Three was the max. I could get.

    I just placed an order for 5 bags of the Sierra's. Cost to ship within the "lesser 48" was only $5.95! The lady said shipping to AK would be more.

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    Do you have anymore 35 cal 250 grn Swift-A-Frames? Also any 30 cal 200 grn Swift-A-Frames? Thanks

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    Thanks for the info Murphy. I like using the Cast Performance bullets in big revolvers.

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    Default CP bullets in AK

    Great Northern Guns has a good selection of CP bullets, at good prices, if you didn't want to order on line and pay the shipping.

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    Default Sierra 338, 225 gr bulk bullet bargain still available....

    For anyone interested, the bullets Murphy references are still available from Graf for $20 a hundred plus shipping.... I just received 200 myself this week.

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    Question 338 Bullets

    If you still have some 338-225 Swift I need some!


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